Matt Surabian

Web Developer & Tech Lead


I'm a web engineer turned account manager living in Massachusetts, and working at Bocoup; a technology company that helps move the web forward by contributing to open source technologies, training the community, and consulting.

Developmentally, I'm interested in finding simple and elegant ways to solve complex problems and streamline work flows. Being able to explain technology to non-technical people is one of my greatest strengths.

I'm interested in clean code, security, and a successful, healthy deployment process. I believe truly great ideas require an amazing team and a strong DevOps foundation.



I love helping people push machines around!

I've had the benefit of working in many different environments with incredibly talented people over the course of my career. I've worked at a creative agency producing interactive pieces for multinational brands, helped support an Alexa top 500 website (, helped to build an amazing web based design studio for interactive storytelling on a remote global development team, and worked in network administration and IT support for small businesses and educational institutions.